The history of Cleobury Mortimer

The Reverend Samuel Auchmuty was the last person to complete a history of the town, which he did in 1911, after fourteen years as the parish priest. 

In 1996, M & M Baldwin, of The Bookshop in Cleobury Mortimer, re-published Auchmuty's work in order to make it more acessible to the growing number of those interested in the history of this south Shropshire town.  More than a mere reprint, the 1996 edition added an index and a key to the research published by the Society (the Chronicles) up to that date.

The result was an unbeatable introduction to the fascinating history of the charming market town of Cleobury Mortimer.

Sadly, that edition is also out of print and there are no plans to reprint.  By kind permission of M & M Baldwin, the Society is making the edition available to read online.