From the time of the ancient Greek and Roman scholars and writers, who wanted to be recognized as the authors of their works, to the complex modern day position where original works are accessible and reproducible with astonishing ease, the concept of copyright protection has been important - both artistically and economically.  However, until the passing of the Statute of Anne, which became law in 1710, there was no statutory protection - only the common law. 

In the United Kingdom, copyright is protected and regulated by the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended by other legislation and EC directives).     

In general, copyright in an original work (written, theatrical, musical or artistic) lasts for the life of the creator(s) plus 70 years.  For film it is calculated from the death of the survivor of the principal director, dialogue and screenplay writers or composer of specially created music.   Broadcasts and recordings are protected for 50 years and the typographical arrangmeent of published editions for 25 years. 

The Cleobury Mortimer & District History Society is conscious of the need to respect the copyright that belongs to others and makes every effort to check and honour the copyright status of documents and other items that it uses in its work. 

On this website, copyright is specifically acknowledged where required and efforts have been made to obtain the permission of the copyright owner(s).    Copyright pertaining to the Society is also specifically noted.  All other copyright is believed to have expired.

Copyright in this website belongs to the Society, except where a Creative Commons Licence applies.

The Society apologizes for any unintentional infringement of copyright and will take immediate steps to remove or acknowledge infringing items on notification.  If you are the copyright owner of any item on this site and believe that the Society has infringed your copyright, please contact the Secretary using the contact form.