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Written By: Robert HODGE - 13•Feb•13

Muller’s – as it was known to everyone locally – was not just a major employer and key investor but a significant influence on those who worked there and on the community.  Many people have memories of working at Muller’s or the impact it had.

This blog page is provided by CMDHS for you to share those memories.  Feel free to browse, but please share when you can. Your input will be appreciated by a wide audience.

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Written By: Robert HODGE - 05•Mar•13

CompetitionB.T.H. Team Wins Seven Trophies

CLEOBURY Mortimer was chosen as the venue for the West Midland Industrial Fire Brigades’ Association’s twelfth annual competitions which took place on Saturday. Messrs. Muller and Co:(England) Ltd., to ensure its success. But rain fell continuously throughout the day and only a handful of spectators saw the teams compete in the six events.

Despite the adverse weather, however, some remarkably good times were recorded, and the speed and efficiency with which the 16 teams competed effectively illustrated the competency of the fac­tory fire-fighters.

Muller’s own brigade entered three of the events, but despite some excellent performances, failed to secure any one of the 20 trophies.

Trivial faults proved costly in the four-men trailer event and their exceptionally speedy time of 19 seconds to assemble and prepare a trailer pump for immediate action, was nullified by an 11 seconds penalty.

English Electric were the even­tual winners in the excellent time of 18 seconds. (more…)