mullers_50_badgeMuller & Co (England) Ltd moved to Cleobury Mortimer from London in 1940 as part of a Government scheme to move essential industries out of the cities and into rural areas. Originally Swiss, founded in 1876 in Soleure (Solothurn - which interestingly, also has a tower with a twisted spire, the Krummer Turm), they had set up in London in 1932.  For a brief history of Muller's, see Cleobury Chronicles vol 1.

Muller's became an important employer in the area and many families in Cleobury Mortimer and surrounding district will have memories of working at or being involved in some way with Muller's.

Muller's b;og
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Sphinx newsletter
The Sphinx was the newsletter for the Muller's social and sports clubs.
Read the newsletters from Sep 64 to Jul 72
Mullers photo gallery
Tucked away in drawers and cupboards are many photographs of events and people at Muller's
Sphinx newsletter
The Muller's name lives on in a small, but successful local comp

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