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  • leeson - Sunday 29 December 2013 15:17
    Does anyone else think that the man on the left 2nd back in black coat & pipe is Edwin Cleeton that lived at the top of Hopton Bank
  • leeson - Sunday 29 December 2013 15:09
    The 2nd boy from left at front is Fred Warrington
  • robert - Friday 29 November 2013 09:53
    Clavers 1947 - Sylvia Brown (nee King) in the short sleeved jumper and Bob Burki in foreground.
  • robert - Friday 29 November 2013 09:52
    Clavers - winter 1947
  • robert - Friday 29 November 2013 09:51
    Clavers - winter 1947, showing Bob Burki
  • SHANDYSMOM - Monday 18 March 2013 12:52
    Great Photo, I have never seen it before.Percy Davis was my great uncle. He rejoined the army in 1939 and after being rescued at Dunkirk died in 1941 from the after affects of pneumonia contracted on his evacuation. He was the licensee of the Kings Arms and is buried next to his wife at Cleobury Mortimer, who died shortly afterwards
  • ptreves - Sunday 10 March 2013 08:55
    This grave slab was found by the font in August 2012. It had been covered by a thin layer of concrete and at some time had probably been moved from its original position.
    The Shropshire Parish Register Society recorded it as "Here lies Martha, daughter and heir of, Alderman of T....Detton, gent., who departed this life....son 17 weeks old." In the centre "Pura mundo pia Deo conjugi constans chara meo morti cessi....".
    A footnote states: Martha, wife of Mr Thomas Detton, was buried 4 May 1613. George Detton, their son, was baptized 2 May and buried 23 August 1613.
  • ptreves - Saturday 09 March 2013 01:24
    A Victorian tile in the chancel commemorating William Watts who died January 24 1818, aged 83. In the burial register WW's abode was Bewdley.
  • ptreves - Saturday 09 March 2013 01:17
    A MS in the British Museum gives a monumental inscription as being in Neen Savage Church.
    Add. MS, 21,237, folio 379, by Rev.Edward Williams. "Thomas Kettleby died March AD.,1682."
    This tile, in the chancel,is Victorian, perhaps laid when the original was moved.