What the Romans did for Britain

Mary Beard gave the first talk in this year's Cleobury Mortimer Lectures on 25 May with some 250 locals and visitors crowding the ancient church of St Mary the Virgin.  Her talk on the Romans in Britain was lively, witty and insightful.  Four lucky people drew winning tickets in a lottery to receive signed copies of her books.  There was a wonderful atmosphere on a beautiful May evening.  We are glad to have welcomed Mary back to Shropshire and so grateful for her kindness and generosity in agreeing to give the talk, which raised funds for the St Mary's Youth Project.


The murder at Dudlick Mill  

On 15 January 1866, 18-yo Edward Edwards was bludgeoned in a savage attack at Dudlick Mill, nr Stottesdon.  He died the next day.   Reported sensationally in newspapers across the country, it was investigated by an2017 inspector from Scotland Yard, but no-one was tried for the murder.  On  15 June, members of the History Society will present the evidence and let the audience decide who should have been prosecuted.   Tickets are available at the Library, the Cleobury Café and the church office in the Market Hall, all in Cleobury Mortimer.  Alternatively, buy them on-line at, or on the night at the door.


The perils of not belonging

In 1662, laws were passed to determine someone's 'place of settlement'. This was the parish to which you could turn if in need of poor relief.  But if you were living elsewhere, you coul dbe forcibly removed, possibly to a2017 strange place, even if you had not claimed relief.  On   6 July, Robert Hodge will use local examples to describe thius much used way of cutting the parish cost of the poor, which was only finally abolished in 1948. Tickets are available at the Library, the Cleobury Café and the church office in the Market Hall, all in Cleobury Mortimer.  Alternatively, buy them on-line at, or on the night at the door.


Cleobury Mortimer Lectures 2017

The second series of the Cleobury Mortimer Lectures will take place on 25 May, 15 June and 6 July, all at 7.30pm in St Mary's Church and will again be in support of the St Mary's Youth Project.

Tickets, £5,  are available at the Library, the Cleobury Café and the church office in the Market Hall, all in Cleobury Mortimer.  Alternatively, buy them on-line at  Tickets may be available on the night at the door, if there is space.


Cleobury Mortimer Lectures 2016

The lecture series got off to a good start on 19 May, with an animated and fascinating talk by Peter Sutton on William Langland and the Vision of Piers Plowman.  Having first braved a wet Thursday, the audience was enthralled.
The Workhouse at Cleobury Mortimer held a lot of interest, as over 70 people socialised over a glass of wine then listened intently as Robert Hodge, dressed as the master of the workhouse, described the reality of the workhouse, illustrated with anecdotes and real life stories.
Philip Hume's talk on the Trail of the Mortimers drew attention to the many connections with Cleonury Mortimer and some of the surrounding area, and was full of interesting snippets about this fascinatng and important family.

The lectures raised  £425, plus Gift Aid, for the St Mary's Youth Project.


Cleobury Chronicles 12

Volume 12 of the Cleobury Chronicles has just been published. This is the largest issue yet - twenty percent more than the previous two issues, with 114 pages of articles.
Copies can be ordered online (vist the CC12 page to place your orders) or can be purchased at the Library (Cleobury Country Centre in Love Lane). Demand is always high, so don't miss your copy!

History beneath our feet

The Cleobury Mortimer Lectures

The Society is proud to announce a series of three history talks under the twisted spire.  Planned to be an annual event, with guest speakers, they will be held in St Mary's church, Cleobury Mortimer, on Thursdays at 7.30pm.  The 2016 series will feature three lectures: May 19 - William Langland and the Vision of Piers Plowman;  June 9 - The Workhouse of Cleobury Mortimer; • June 30 - On the trail of the Mortimers
For more information - go to

History beneath our feet

The wars of the surgeons

On 21 October, our chairman, Robert Hodge, gave an insight into some of the  social intrigue in Cleobury Mortimer in the nineteenth century.  He told the story of  Thomas Pope who, for more than 70 years, practised as a surgeon in Cleobury, dying in 1874. His obituary painted a picture of a dedicated medical man, of eminent abilities and a simple manner of living. But he was a regular and determined writer of complaints about his fellow citizens. But for at least 50 of those years, he did his very best to bring down the careers of the other surgeons in the town. Using Pope's letters and other correspondence in the National Archives, along with newspaper articles, he was able to bring to life a complex and interesting character.

History beneath our feet

History beneath our feet

On 15 October, local resident, Leigh Griffiths - a keen metal detectorist and amateur historian - gave an illustrated talk on some of the finds she has made in the area, demonstrating in the process just how old the area is.  Items included a selection of late bronze age axe heads, Roman coins and brooches and a few Roman artefacts, medieval coins and artefacts, and Tudor coins.  Around forty people attended and took part in a quiz to see if they could identify ten mystery objects which had been dug up around Cleobury Mortimer - not as easy as it first seemed: the highest score was 2.5 out of 10! 

Cleobury Chronicles
- WW1 commemorative issue

Volume 11 is dedicated to the men of Cleobury Mortimer who gave their lives during the Great War. Using research by our Secretary, Paddy Treves, each man's story is set out in detail. With a foreword by Mark Baldwin, on behalf of the Royal British Legion, and articles on the memorials, medals and awards, we hope this volume provides a fitting tribute to the men whose names appear on the Cleobury Mortimer War Memorial and to their sacrifice in World War 1.

This new edition, published in our new format, will be available from 14 August. Copies can be ordered online (vist the CC11 page to place an order), from Baldwin's Bookshop in the High Street, from the Library (Cleobury Country Centre in Love Lane), or on Amazon.   The Society will make a donation to the Poppy Appeal for each copy that is sold.

Cleobury Chronicles

Volume 10 of this highly regarded journal was published at the end of November. To mark the publication of the tenth endition, we have increased the size of the volume to include more articles and have produced, we hope, a better quality finished item.  Copies can be ordered online (vist the CC10 page to place your orders), from Baldwin's Bookshop in the High Street, or from the Library (Cleobury Country Centre in Love Lane), or on Amazon. Demand is high, so don't miss your order!

Muller's memories

Muller's memories

The original plan had been to divide people into small groups and talk about their memories of Muller’s, making notes on the way. However, when 72 people turned up to the evening at the Social Club on Thursday 14th, the organizers had to change their plans – and so did the barman! Getting people to talk was no problem, but getting them to stop was slightly more difficult – especially when they all felt they had to raise their voices after years of working in a noisy environment. What a good natured and interesting crowd of people who enjoyed watching a movie shot in about 1970, “One in a Million” showing the production processes at Muller’s and had a good laugh at the birds flying out of the car engine compartment in the 1970 film of the President’s Rally. Hundreds of photographs and items of memorabilia were pored over and everyone seemed to find something of interest.

All the photographs are in the Muller's gallery where you can make comments or add your stories – please help to keep the Muller’s memories alive by visiting the Muller's pages on this website - you can use the computers in the Library or if you want to send them or get in touch with Derek Pearce or Robert Hodge.

The history of Cleobury Mortimer

July 12, 2011 Auchmuty History

The Society is making available this celebrated history of Cleobury Mortimer for reading online.

A history of Hopton Wafers

March 10, 2013 Hopton Wafers History

Read the history of Hopton Wafers in this 1909 article by the then Rector, Revd James Payton

Not just a bunch of old deeds

October 17, 2012 The New House

Old deeds can tell more than just the history of a house, but of people too

New photo gallery

March 5, 2013 Photo gallery

The Society's gallery has been updated and expanded - click the image to visit

Memories of Muller's

March 20, 2013 Memories of Muller's

Read people's memories of Muller's - share yours and your pictures

Click the image to go to the section of interest

Diary of a Hopton Wafer's resident

November 12, 2011 Tom's story

The Society has published an anonymous handwritten journal of a resident of Hopton Wafers, covering the first three quarters of the 20C as CC9

PhooD for thought

October 17, 2013 quandoquidem

Our chairman is working towards a PhD, researching the treatment of the poor in the area in the 18C and 19C.  Read his blog here.